Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Best Thrillers You've Never Heard Of

The informationist : a thriller - Taylor Stevens
Dealing information to wealthy clients throughout the world, Vanessa Munroe hopes to leave her unconventional past behind her until a mission to find the missing daughter of a Texas oil billionaire forces her to return to the central Africa region of her youth.
Bone by bone - Carol O'Connell
Twenty years after his teenaged younger brother mysteriously disappears into the woods of northern California, former Army investigator Oren returns home for the first time and is horrified when bones he believes belong to his brother are delivered to him.
Guilt by association : a novel - Marcia Clark
One of the prosecutors during the O. J. Simpson trial offers a debut legal thriller in which Los Angeles D.A. Rachel Knight must try to bounce back from her grief over the murder of her colleague, Jake, if she is ever going to take over his toughest case, but she finds herself risking her reputation--and her life--to dig even deeper into Jake's death.
The savage garden - Mark Mills

Assigned to write a monograph about a famous sixteenth-century garden, aimless young Cambridge scholar Adam Banting visits the enigmatic garden only to discover clues that the woman to whom the garden was dedicated may have been murdered, a finding that points to a related and more recent killing.

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