Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bad Medicine

Most medical suspense stories are set in hospitals or laboratories and feature medical personnel as main characters. While the protagonist is often asked to solve a crime, he or she is just as likely to be racing against time to find a cure for an epidemic.

The Cure by Robin Cook

New York City medical examiner Laurie Montgomery faces the case of her career involving the suspected poisoning murder of a CIA agent and possible links to a powerful pharmaceutical company and start-up stem-cell research labs.

Rules of Vengeance by Christopher Reich

Rendered a fugitive when he is wrongfully implicated in a terrorist attack that interrupted his secret rendezvous with his dishonored spy wife, physician Jonathan Ransom struggles to clear his name, only to discover that he may be a pawn in an international plot.

The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer

Dr. Nick Garrity and psych nurse Gillian Coates determine that one-by-one, each of those in the operating room for a fatally botched case is dying. Their discoveries pit them against genius Franz Koller--the highly-paid master of the "non-kill." As doctor and nurse move closer to finding the terrifying secret behind these killings, Koller has been given a new directive: his mission will not be complete until Gillian and Garrity, the last surgeon, are dead.

Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

The carefully orchestrated life of Manhattan emergency room doctor and witness-protection program participant Peter Brown unravels in the course of a day that begins with a mugging and a new patient who knows him from his previous existence.

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