Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kindles, and Nooks, and iPads, Oh My!

The first thing I get asked, once someone discovers I'm a librarian, is if I'm nervous about the disappearance of libraries now that portable readers and digital content are widely available. I respond gleefully, as I clamber onto my soap box, that libraries and iPads (or Nooks or Kindles or whatever fancy schmancy device) are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, the library is very much a part of this next step into the digital frontier. We have free digital content for your devices and we're here to show you to access it. Need some help transferring a title to your device? Done. Got a strange error message? We'll be there, my friend. Scared of the new technology, but you want to learn how to use it, darn it? We will hold your hand through the process. Just ask your friendly librarian.

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