Tuesday, September 06, 2011

We're just Wild about Harry

Harry Bosch is the lead character in Michael Connelly's bestselling series. And he is one tough guy. Born in 1950 in Los Angeles to Marjorie Phillips Lowe, he was named Hieronymus Bosch after the 15th century Dutch artist and nicknamed "Harry." He became an orphan at 11 when his mother, a prostitute, was murdered. Harry grew up living in a youth hall and foster homes. He joined the army and did two tours in Vietnam. Harry returned to Los Angeles and joined the LAPD in 1972. He became a detective after five years in patrol.

The Harry Bosch series will interest you if you enjoy character-driven and intricately plotted mysteries, a gritty writing style, and a suspenseful and atmospheric tone. These novels are intense and fast-paced, but there are seventeen novels in the series so far, with number eighteen coming out this November. Start with Black Echo and work your way through to The Fifth Witness.

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