Thursday, September 08, 2011

Teen Reading: If You Like the Pretty Little Liars

You're read the series and even watched the first season on DVD. But what to read next? If you enjoy fast-paced, high drama, and intense mysteries, try on of these other great reads.

The Carter House Girls series by Melody Carson
Why: The Pretty Little Liars books and the Carter House Girls books are high-drama Chick lit and realistic fiction about Rich teenage girls.
Start Here: Mixed Bags. DJ's grandmother is a former fashion model who has restored an old mansion and turned it into a boarding house for rich teenaged girls who are interested in fashion, presenting DJ with a conflict between retaining her tomboy identity or changing her style, as she decides whether or not to try to fit in.

Privilege by Kate Brian
Why:If you enjoy the Pretty little liars series, you might also enjoy the Privilege books. Both are intense mystery reads about the secrets of teenagers. And the secrets keep coming!
Start Here: Privilege. Ariana Osgood plots her escape from the mental insititution where she was locked up after being arrested for the death of Thomas Pearson at Easton Academy, as she plans to reunite with and seek revenge on her old friends.

The Carlyles by Cecily Von Zeigesar
Why: Both series are realistic fiction featuring the lives of teenage girls at elite schools. Rumors, romance, and riches are a big part of both.
Start Here: The Carlyles. Triplets Avery, Baby, and Owen Carlyle have different approaches to their new life in a Manhattan penthouse and elite private schools, but soon each has cause to want to return to their home on Nantucket Island.

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