Monday, October 22, 2007

New Titles This Week!

These titles are coming out this week! Call 817-748-8243 to request any book.

The Race by Richard North Patterson
Corey Grace, the handsome, charismatic Republican senator from Ohio, is a refreshing change in politics. The decorated Gulf War veteran has a reputation for speaking his mind and voting his conscience rather than his party line. Now he's been plunged by an act of terrorism into the presidential race against his opponent, a magnetic leader of the Christian right. Unfortunately, he hides a tragic mistake in his past, which will put his integrity to the test during a brutal political campaign, forcing him to make moral choices.

The Heir by Barbara Taylor Bradford
Edward Deravenel had fought long and hard to build his business empire. Now, with the war over, an influenza epidemic sweeping 1918 England, and with his family and business to protect, he must thread his way between his loyal brother Richard and his treacherous younger brother, George. The politics of inheritance are intense, as different family factions vie for the honor. The choices include a caretaker, a rumormonger, a charming young woman, a sickly boy, and the scion of the family Edward ousted from power years before.

Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon
Episcopal priest Father Tim has been mysteriously summoned to his hometown of Holly Springs, Miss. On the trip there, he encounters many fascinating people. It may be true that home is where the heart is, but upon arriving in Holly Springs, he discovers that it's also a town where many secrets are hidden.

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