Monday, October 01, 2007

New Titles This Week!

Check out the new books arriving this week! To place a hold on any book, please call us at 817-748-8243.

Exit Ghost by Philip Roth
Young author Nathan Zuckerman gets the opportunity to meet and visit with his hero and mentor, E.I. Lonoff, a revered Jewish short story writer, living in seclusion in the Berkshires. It's at that time that he also meets Lonoff's beautiful student, and obvious lover, Amy Bellette. Afterward, Zuckerman returns home and disengages from everything except his writing, which is going nowhere. Plagued by medical problems, he consults a doctor in New York, only to have everything he has been fleeing come raging back into his life.

Beyond the White House by Jimmy Carter
Following Jimmy Carter's four-year term as President of the United States, he and his wife, Rosalynn, founded the Carter Center, a nonprofit organization that prevents and resolves conflicts, enhances freedom and democracy, and improves health around the world. In this honest, revealing, blunt, and emotional book, he talks about his years since the presidency working for causes such as Habitat for Humanity, and countless others.

Celebrity Detox by Rosie O'Donnell
Growing up, growing famous, and growing away: Rosie O'Donnell tells it all with humor, warmth, and above all, honesty. As a child, Rosie dreamed of success, of fame and how those riches could somehow save her mother from cancer. It is her determination that made her name a household word, and it is her determination that also helped her to walk away from it all, and return.

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