Monday, September 03, 2007

New Titles This Week!

Check out the new books arriving this week! To place a hold on any book, please call us at 817-748-8243.

Giving by Bill Clinton
The former president presents an inspiring look at how individual endeavors can save lives and solve problems, and offers compelling examples of both citizen and corporate activism at work in the world today. He writes about life-changing aspects of giving--of men and women who traded in their corporate careers, and the fulfillment they now experience through their new efforts and associations. A portion of President Clinton's proceeds from the book will be donated to charities and nonprofits that are doing their part to change the world.

Songs Without Words by Ann Packer
Liz and Sarabeth had been friends forever, childhood neighbors bound together at the age of 16 when Sarabeth's mother committed suicide. Decades later, they had gone through broken marriages, the births of children, love affairs, and depression, always a source of strength for one another. But when an unforeseen calamity struck at the heart of Liz's family, the deepest habits of their friendship and relationship were revealed in a strange new light causing them to question everything they thought they knew about each other and themselves.

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself by Alan Alda
Alan Alda, best known for his role in the long-running TV series Mash, has lived a life most people can only dream about. Yet, like most of us who reach a certain point in life, he reflects on the life he's led, from the turbulent 60s through the ache of Septemeber 11th and beyond to find meaning in his life. This is what he discovered while examining those years.

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