Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Titles for this Week!

Check out the new releases for this week! Call 817-748-8243 to request any of these books!

Bungalow 2
by Danielle Steele

Tanya Harris is thrilled to be ensconced in Bungalow 2, writing a screenplay as hotshot actors and a famed producer swirl about. But what does this mean for the husband and daughters she has left behind?

Drop Dead Beautiful

For her 25th novel, Jackie Collins brings back Lucky Santangelo, who must contend with a teenaged daughter as out of bounds as she is and an enemy determined to wipe out everything she's got.

New England White
by Stephen Carter

Murder splits apart a staid New England university town, where university president Lemaster Carlyle and his wife, dean of the divinity school, are African Americans in a sea of white folk.

Double Agents
by W.E.B. Griffith

Griffin and son add to the "Men at War" series with this account of OSS struggles to fool Hitler into thinking that the Allies won't be coming through France when they invade Europe.

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