Saturday, March 17, 2007

Author Birthdays

March 17

Pearl S. Buck

Writer, born in Hillsboro, West Virginia, USA. She was raised among Chinese children by American missionary parents in Chinkiang, China, and apart from attending Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Virginia, lived in China until she was 40. In 1922 she began writing on Chinese life for American magazines. Her second novel, The Good Earth (1931), won the Pulitzer Prize. Still her best-known book, it sold two million copies, established her as the foremost Western interpreter of China, and gained her the Nobel Prize for Literature (1938). The literary establishment disdained her prolificness, sentimentality, and didacticism, and many of her 80 volumes of novels, translations, and memoirs quickly faded. Her Chinese fiction in particular lost its immediacy after her move to the USA (1935), but she engendered widespread sympathetic public awareness of China. She established the Pearl S Buck Foundation (1964) and sponsored humanitarian work on behalf of Asian-American and retarded children.

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